+ Monday evening – video messages now working easily


Here’s an example of why it will be good to be in the habit of checking back on other ‘recent posts’ (messages) in the Parish Blog space – because  this morning’s post it still relevant but this is an update to one of the points.

This morning’s post had some comments about the weekend including wishes to Our Lady of the Way people from Bishop Vincent. And it had the latest message about churches closing, and from now, that includes all inside AND outside gatherings. We are in for a very different period ahead that will likely last for months and months.


What potential there might be if we can successfully get videos playing with one  simple click, from right within our new PARISH BLOG space.

So this morning I put a test video link in with the written message. BUT I wasn’t happy with it because on some computers and devices it needed to be downloaded first before it could be viewed. That’s an extra step that complicates what’s aiming to be helpful. Well, in the midst of the this very challenging time, I think I can at least share good news about easy access to using parish video messages and reflections. After some trouble shooting and learning today, I think?? it’s solved!!

The video should now open straight up on any computer or device – see it below this paragraph. It’s the same test video from this morning – but hopefully now requires no downloading – just a direct click! (It’s a brief piece taken just before the weekend outdoor Baptisms). This capacity to use videos directly within our Parish Blog will hugely add to our possibilities for the unprecedented time of church shutdown ahead. It could help our shared prayer, offer reflections, have some some parishioner interviews …. etc  etc. So, check that it opens for you – Here’s hoping – and by the way, the only reason for the narrow view on this video is that it was taken on a phone, not a ‘real camera’ lol! 

Much peace to you, your loved ones and all – and with friendship in God’s mission,

Paul – parish priest


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