+ Mon 18th – A message from the bishops

Dear friends –

Today’s blog post is a message to the Catholic Christians of Australia from the bishops. They wrote it the other day while they were at their periodic gathering and it was published today. This time they had to have their gathering online.

As we know people often associate the image of a ‘shepherd’ with their bishops, as is used of Jesus in the scriptures. Let’s pray for bishops to keep growing indeed as true shepherds among the people they care for. They are not the only ‘shepherds’ of course. Hopefully some of their example can encourage each of  us in the ways we are each shepherds to others and shepherds to God’s creation.

So, I chose that image on the cover of today’s parish blog post to present a broad and inclusive view of the image of  ‘shepherd’. What an image of nurturing it is – with the child showing some sign of fear or caution – being protected and made safe! Blessings for your shepherding in all its expressions – as you are now invited to click on the heading below to open up the letter from the bishops. 


Word of Encouragement to the Catholic People of Australia


See you in tomorrow’s blog post and ..

with friendship in God’s mission,

fr Paul

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Patrick Gleeson
Patrick Gleeson
8 months ago

Hello Paul once again it was a lovely encouraging letter from the Bishop’s however, there is absolutely nothing like you and your input Father Paul!! I do not mean this in any negative sense because I know you’re probably flat out at work and it might take a lot of effort to get something on the blog every day but I just want to let you know that I really appreciate it and yours is a wonderful ministry base for the Institute for mission and our parish1! Thank you so much for pouring out your life for us Deborah comes… Read more »