+ Fri 29th – Final day before Pentecost weekend – Your take on the Holy Spirit?

Dear friends –

We come to the end of the Easter Season as we prepare to celebrate Pentecost this weekend. Today’s Parish Blog Post is simply a couple of brief Youtube video pieces, that might prompt  our own reflections about who the  Holy Spirit is in  our lives – and what difference we might want to ask of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost – for our lives today as missionary disciples. See the two brief videos and you might like to enjoy the reflection exercise I’ve included after them to enrich your prayer today.


Where this first video below encourages coming to church this weekend to seek and celebrate the Spirit’s love, we’re obviously still in a maximum congregation size of 10. So we will live stream the weekend Mass again this Saturday evening at 6pm – and it will continue to be accessible on the Parish Facebook page or here in the Parish Blog afterwards.  From Monday the numbers permitted are increasing … so keep your eye on this Parish Blog Space to see how we’ll manage that shift of regulations at Our Lady of the Way from next week.


Neither of these videos does it all – they each take a certain perspective – what do you think? – enjoy the reflection exercise shown after this next one



So, here’s an exercise to prompt your own prayer and reflection : If someone put you in charge of scripting a 2 minute video about the Holy Spirit …. and  as part of  that scripting you included the following three sentences …. what would YOU finish these sentences to say?

  1. For me, the difference the Holy Spirit makes is ….
  2. I see the Holy Spirit at work in others when …. 
  3. I believe the Holy Spirit wants to love the world through me – and through us – by ….

See you in the next Parish Blog post .. and

with friendship in God’s mission,

fr Paul


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