+ Wednesday 8th July – church open for 9.15am Mass

Dear friends – As noted the other day, the church will now be open for Wednesday Mass as well. So the midweek Masses as of now are Wednesday 9.15am / Thursday 8.15am / Friday 7.15am. Bookings are not needed midweek but sign-in is still required so do kindly arrive early so that Mass can start on time and members of our PRAYER HOSPITALITY TEAM  can also attend Mass from the starting time. We, the whole parish, really owe that group of our parishioners a lot of thanks for their generous availability and their great spirit of friendship and welcome that’s been evident as they’ve managed our COVID-care plan that allows us to open the church. Our thanks also to those who’ve generously kept other things happening – such as;

  • those who constantly volunteer to look after the grounds (see Jim on the cover photo which was snapped last Saturday), clean, arrange and maintain aspects of the church space, sacristy and liturgy
  • those parishioners continuing to keep the St Vincent de Paul conference’s care going
  • the knitting group (Wrap with Love) who keep providing warmth for those in need 
  • the ministry of our parish office and the generous back up voluntary office tasks
  • ….. just to name some.

Happy school holidays to those for whom that applies

And uniting with you all in continuing heartfelt prayers for all who are so affected by COVID – particularly those countries with such enormous numbers of infections – and for the deep concerns on our own shores too with the spike of numbers and border closures in Victoria.

With friendship in God’s mission,

fr Paul

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