+ Monday morning – weekend feedback plus churches now closed

Dear parishioners,

Hope your access into this Blog space was easy.

3 updates to share as of Monday morning


Thanksgiving for the spirit of community that people created on  Sunday for two outdoor Masses – whilst also practising the careful social distancing that is highest priority across the country. Thanks too for those who are helping make our ‘phone tree’ happen –  an idea begun today to ensure that those who don’t use the internet, won’t miss out on hearing updates and whatever is happening in this Parish Blog space.

I was talking with Bishop Vincent on Sunday afternoon and he was keen to know how things went and sends regards to parishioners.

I’m keen to see  if we can get video communication easily accessible on this Blog space – particularly in light of Sunday night’s national announcement that churches will be shut for some months ahead. If we can find an easy approach to visual communication it might give us some good possibilities for how we use this space. There’s a brief test video below in blue where it says to CLICK – BUT  you need to download the video before it will play. If you’re familiar with how to do that, go ahead and check it out  (and make sure your volume is on). In the meantime, I’m working on a way that will enable a simple click and play on any computer or device.  This is all part of exploring, day by day, how we can build meaningful parish communication in these challenging times. Thank you in anticipation of your patience and let’s all help to enthuse people to stay connected – and even to welcome others to feel part of the parish in this way.

CLICK HERE for a 25 second test video (of Sunday’s outdoor baptisms) – BUT BEFORE YOU CLICK see paragraph above re downloading and hoping to find a simpler way

 2. CHURCH CLOSURES – Indoors and Outdoors

The updated national ruling is that PLACES OF WORSHIP are to close from today. Up until this weekend just past, we were permitted to have outdoor worship, as we did. BUT clarification has now been made that all indoor AND outdoor gatherings for worship will cease from today. This is all the more reason for us to use other means to build connection and communication.


George sends regards and wanted people to know that on doctor’s advice he has gone into self isolation. His respiratory challenges leave him understandably extra cautious against any possibility of infection in the current situation. He said he feels blessed to have his wife, his faith, his prayer cycle and meditation (and coffee!)

If you’re just getting familiar with using an online site like this, notice how you can check out other recent posts too, not only the latest post. Each is dated and I’ll make each title different as well to help make it clear which one you’re clicking on. Being able to see previous posts will always allow you to easily check anything you’ve missed as we use this means in the months ahead. 

I wish you  a safe and healthy week as we each strive to ‘look out for those most prone to losing out’ during this very challenging COVID-19 period.

With friendship in God’s mission,

Paul – parish priest



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