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MARY and the month  of  MAY – The simple image on the cover of this weekend’s Parish Blog post reminds us of the tradition of honouring Mary in May. It seems that our tradition of doing this has some inspiration  way back among the ancient Greeks who dedicated the month of May to Artemis, the goddess of fertility. Ancient Romans also honoured Flora, the goddess of bloom or blossoms in May. They had ‘floral games’ at the end of April and asked goddess Flora’s spiritual influence towards all that blooms.

Does ‘May for Mary’ make sense here in the south? In one way this tradition is another example of religious things that don’t make sense for us in the southern hemisphere, where our seasons are the other way around. We’re hardly celebrating blooming as the weather cools – it’s more a time of hibernation than flourishing. But maybe it’s a good chance to ask anew what the Mary tradition in May can mean for us. For starters, we don’t worship Mary or honour her as goddess!!! as the ancients honoured Artemis or Flora. But as the great disciple and mother, she can be companion and spiritual mother for us all. What might be something, as we head towards winter, for which you might ask Mary’s companionship in prayer – something for which a period of hibernation, of taking root deep within over a few months, can prepare for new flourishing, perhaps around the time of  the coming September Spring here in the south? ‘Mary, mother and honoured companion, pray with us, pray for us, Amen’.

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Weekend Mass will be streamed live from Our Lady of the Way Church at 6pm each Saturday – via Facebook. The following is the link to the Parish Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/olowparishemuplains/


just google something like – Facebook Emu Plains parish – 


The live stream video will continue to be available on the parish Facebook page at your preferred Mass time 



The Facebook live stream for this weekend, will be added below, as soon as possible after 7pm Saturday and continue to be available at your preferred time

Click the triangle PLAY button in the middle of the picture – You might want to slide the timer at the bottom of the picture along just a little to the starting point of Mass, rather than wait


Posted by Our Lady of the Way Parish on Saturday, 16 May 2020



>> Once the Mass is loaded and visible here Saturday night, it can take some time for Facebook and the Parish Blog engine to speak properly to each other – so realise that it’s not you and give it a little time

>> Playing the Facebook Live Stream from here in the Parish Blog can be a bit glitchy to get started – If so, persevere and try it slowly a few times – it should  be fine

>> Let us know if there are any ongoing issues by emailing [email protected]

Wishing you and loved ones a happy weekend and ..

with friendship in God’s mission 

fr Paul

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Chris McGregor
Chris McGregor
1 year ago

God bless you Fr Paul and team. It’s such a blessing the able to truly celebrate the Eucharist together and know that sometime soon we’ll be able to ALL gather again. Oh what a Celebration that will be. ,!!🙏🤗🙏